Notifications / Circulars

Sr.# Notification / Circular No. Dated Description / Title Download
288 TEVTA/MIS/1-198 19.07.2017 Technical Specification of I.T Equipment (July 2017 to December 2017) [View/Download]
287 TEVTA/GM(Ops-II)/MOU/35-30 21.06.2017 SOP for launch of Financial Markets Employability Course (3 Months) [View/Download]
286 TEVTA/GM-O-II/2-16/Pt 05.05.2017 Venues of two Cooking Labs for City & Guild courses have been changed. [View/Download]
285 TEVTA/Admn/20-159 18.04.2017 Committee for transfer/posting and foreign training nominations. [View/Download]
284 TEVTA/HRM/TSR/2016-17/560/736 09.03.2017 Upgradation of clerical posts. [View/Download]
283 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/Chinese Language/311/176 01.03.2017 SOP for launch of Chinese Language Course (3 Months). [View/Download]
282 TEVTA/DGM(P)/MoUs/IBEX/1-21 27.02.2017 Revised SOP for Customer Support Executive 3 months short courses under MOU with IBEX Global (Pvt.) Ltd. [View/Download]
281 TEVTA/MIS/2887 17.01.2017 Technical Specification of I.T Equipment (January 2017 to June 2017) [View/Download]
280 TEVTA/HRM/TSR/2016-17/561 16.01.2017 One pre-mature increment to the employees in PS-01 to PS-05. [View/Download]
279 TEVTA/HRM/TSR/2016-17/560 16.01.2017 Up-gradation of the clerical posts. [View/Download]
278 TEVTA/HRM/TSR/2016-17/559 16.01.2017 Up-gradation of the post of Officer Student Affairs (PS-16) to (PS-17). [View/Download]
277 TEVTA/HRM/TSR/2016-17/558 16.01.2017 Re-designation and up-gradation of the posts of Computer Operators (PS-11) to (PS-14). [View/Download]
276 TEVTA/HRM/TSR/2016-17/557 16.01.2017 Promotion Framework for TEVTA Employees [View/Download]
275 TEVTA/Bud/DDO/3-7/2016-17 16.01.2017 Procedure for Declaring Drawing & Dispursing Officer (DDO) Powers [View/Download]
274 TEVTA/Ops-I)/15 12.01.2017 SOP for launch of 3 months short courses of Injection Molding under MOU with Orient Electronics. [View/Download]
273 TEVTA/Ops-I)/14 12.01.2017 SOP for launch of 4 months Microsoft Training short course and Microsoft Training for DAE Students. [View/Download]
272 TEVTA/Ops-II/26-1/886 16.12.2016 Winter Vacation in TEVTA Institutions. [View/Download]
271 TEVTA/Fin/Pension/GPF-Rates/2016-17 08.12.2016 Revised GP Fund rates. [View/Download]
270 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/Short Courses/244-15/723 15.11.2016 SOP for launch of 6 months IDD short courses (Phase-III). [View/Download]
269 TEVTA/Trg./Mgt./124 13.10.2016 Staff Training Management and Remuneration Rates for Master Trainers [View/Download]
268 TEVTA/Bud/Spe.Cony/2016-17 13.10.2016 Grant of Special Conveyance Allowance to disabled Employees [View/Download]
267 TEVTA/Bud/Hill.All/2016-17 13.10.2016 Grant of Hill Allowances for TEVTA Employees [View/Download]
266 TEVTA/Bud/Pay/2016-17 13.10.2016 Revision of Basic Pay Scales and Allowances of TEVTA Employees (2016) [View/Download]
265 TEVTA/DGM(P)/MoUs/Magic Motors/1-04/16 04.10.2016 SOP for launch of 3 months short courses regarding Automotive Industry under MOU with Magic Motors. [View/Download]
264 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/SGCPSC/319/546 26.09.2016 SOP for Fund Disbursement (Secruity Guard 5 Weeks) Carsh Programme for Tracksuits and Joggers. [View/Download]
263 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/Audit/37-01/2011-12 23.09.2016 Mechanism for proper utilization of non-utilized machinery, tools & equipment and auction of un-serviceable machinery, tools & equipment. [View/Download]
262 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/SGCPSC/319/532 22.09.2016 SOP for conducting 5 months Security Guard Programme. [View/Download]
261 TEVTA/AA/OM-09/16 31.08.2016 Academic Calendars of DAE & DDM, G-II & G-III Levels (M&E), One Year Semester Based Programs, DVTT, DVTD and AT. [View/Download]
260 TEVTA/Bud/Life-Ins/2016/1915 16.08.2016 Life Insurance of TEVTA employees for period 01.02.2016 to 31.01.2017. [View/Download]
259 TEVTA/MIS/1-198 04.07.2016 Technical Specification of I.T Equipment (July 2016 to December 2016) [View/Download]
258 TEVTA/DGM(Ops)/26-1/239 04.06.2016 Summer Vacation in TEVTA Institutions. [View/Download]
257 TEVTA/DGM(P)/MoUs/RaviSundar/1-03/16 31.05.2016 SOP for launch of 3 months short courses regarding CNC machinist under MOU with Ravi Autos Sundar (Pvt.) Ltd. [View/Download]
256 TEVTA/Bud/Health-Ins/2016/1893 27.05.2016 Health Insurance of TEVTA employees for period 01.02.2016 to 31.01.2017. [View/Download]
255 TEVTA/DGM(P)/MoUs/Berger/1-02/16 24.05.2016 SOP for launch of 3 months short courses regarding building painter under MOU with Berger Paints Pakistan Ltd. [View/Download]
254 TEVTA/DGM(P)/MoUs/BPS/1-01/16 24.05.2016 SOP for launch of 3 months short courses regarding packaging industry under MOU with Bulleh Shah Packaging (Pvt.) Ltd. [View/Download]
253 TEVTA/PC/01 26.04.2016 Provision of transportation charges for subject specialists for central purchase. [View/Download]
252 TEVTA/Admn/20-159 14.04.2016 Selection committees for new recruitements. [View/Download]
251 TEVTA/Admn/20-159 14.04.2016 Scrutiny committee for new recruitements all over the Punjab. [View/Download]
250 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/Estt./8-30/86 13.04.2016 Govt. Staff Training College (W), Bahawalpur is notified. [View/Download]
249 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/ShortCourse/244-15/ 12.04.2016 SOP for LTV Driving Course [View/Download]
248 TEVTA/Bud/PF/2015-16 05.04.2016 Provident Fund Scheme for TEVTA Employees. [View/Download]
247 TEVTA/Acad/Curr./5-24/Pt.F 30.03.2016 Steering / Standing Committee for implementation of Competency Based Training and Assessment (CBT&A) of Punjab Skill Development Project. [View/Download]
246 TEVTA/Admn/Regularization/20-2016 11.03.2016 Regularization of TEVTA Employees. [View/Download]
245 TEVTA/Ops-I/25 09.03.2016 Govt. Technical Training Centres established in jails of Punjab. [View/Download]
244 TEVTA/DGM(O)/2-62/88 28.01.2016 Invoking Urgency / Emergency for fool proof security of TEVTA institutions / offices. [View/Download]
243 TEVTA/GM(O-II)E-Institute/8-35/90 27.01.2016 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Chishtian is notified. [View/Download]
242 TEVTA/DGM(Ops)/1-38/2288 27.01.2016 Govt. Technical Training Institute, Fateh Pur is notified. [View/Download]
241 TEVTA/DGM(Ops)/1-38/2287 27.01.2016 Govt. College of Technology (W), Layyah is notified. [View/Download]
240 TEVTA/DGM(OpsII)/PSDP/2015/22 27.01.2016 Committee to develop a design for performance based funding to TEVTA institutes and monitoring mechanism to gauge their performance. [View/Download]
239 TEVTA/MIS/1-198 19.01.2016 Technical Specification of I.T Equipment (January 2016 to June 2016) [View/Download]
238 TEVTA/R&D/287/33 11.01.2016 SOP for Poultry Farming (Controlled Shed) & Dairy Technician Courses (3 months duration) in UAF Faisalabad and T.T. Singh. [View/Download]
237 ADMN(PPRA)10-2/2013 13.01.2014 Punjab Procurement Rules (2014) (Updated) [View/Download]
236 S.O(Cabinet-I)2-9/2015 06.01.2016 Amendment in Punjab Procurement Rules - 2014. [View/Download]
235 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/2014-15/07 01.01.2016 TEVTA Accounting Manual [View/Download]
234 TEVTA/GM (O-II)/11-12/1452 17.11.2015 Admission Policy - Age Relaxation for
233 TEVTA/DGM(Ops-II)/Security Guard/2015-12 13.11.2015 SOP for conduct of Security Guard Course (3 Months) [View/Download]
232 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/2014-15/171 03.11.2015 Mechanism & manner of Blacklisting of a contractor [View/Download]
231 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/ShortCourses/244-15/844 29.10.2015 SOP for launch of Chinese Language Course (3 Months). [View/Download]
230 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/ShortCourses/244-15/ 13.10.2015 SOP for 3 Months Short Courses in Meat Technology. [View/Download]
229 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2015/520 23.09.2015 Fee Structure of TEVTA Institutes (2015-16) [View/Download]
228 TEVTA/AA/OM-09/15 31.08.2015 Academic Calendars of DAE & DDM, G-II & G-III Levels (M&E), One Year Semester Based Programs, DVTT, DVTD and AT. [View/Download]
227 TEVTA/GM/HRM/Recruitment/2014 18.08.2015 Complaint Redressal Cell for the Central Zone of TEVTA as per the Recruitment Policy 2014. [View/Download]
226 TEVTA/Bud/Pay/2015-16 18.08.2015 Revision of Basic Pay Scales and Allowances of TEVTA Employees (2015) [View/Download]
225 TEVTA/DM/JLM/15/4153-63 06-06-2015 Black Listing of M/s Younis Riaz & Co. (NTN# 2809258-9) [View/Download]
224 TEVTA/CA/Ops/2015/7-59 05-06-2015 SOP for TEVTA & Crescent Bahuman Mills Limited (CBL) [View/Download]
223 TEVTA/MP/4-91 (Purchase Cell) 04-06-2015 Central Purchase for Development Projects (Purchase Cell) [View/Download]
222 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/ShortCourse/244-15/529 19-05-2015 SOP for 3-6 Months Short Courses (May 2015) Phase-II [View/Download]
221 TEVTA/LEG-HC/978-2013/1824 11-05-2015 Operational Duties to the Senior Most Faculty Member [View/Download]
220 TEVTA/Acad/Cur/2015/6-49/Vol-V 05-05-2015 Remuneration Rates Related to Curriculum Activities [View/Download]
219 TEVTA/MP/4-91 (2014-15) 04-05-2015 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to be Observed in Procurement [View/Download]
218 TEVTA/CUR/6-506/RPL 02-04-2015 SOP for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) [View/Download]
217 TEVTA/Bud/Pay/2014-15 03-02-2015 Clarification - Revision of Basic Pay Scales and Allowances of TEVTA Employees 2014 [View/Download]
216 TEVTA/Bud/Pay/2014-15 26.01.2015 Revision of Basic Pay Scales and Allowances of TEVTA Employees 2014 [View/Download]
215 TEVTA/MIS/2015 14.01.2015 Technical Specification of I.T Equipment (January 2015 to July 2015) [View/Download]
214 TEVTA/GM/HRM/Recruitment/2014 02-01-2015 Recruitment Policy 2014 for 1042 Teaching Staff (PS14-PS17) [View/Download]
213 TEVTA/MP/4-91 (2013-14) 29-12-2014 Revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) [View/Download]
212 TEVTA/Bud/PSIC/Abs./2014-15 22-12-2014 Absorption of PSIC Employees (Revised) [View/Download]
211 TEVTA/Fin/F.Ass/2009/3845 22-12-2014 Financial Assistance to the Family of an Employee who dies while in service (Revised) [View/Download]
210 TEVTA/OPS-I/287 19-12-2014 Establishment of Rasheeda Bibi Govt. Technical Training Centre (W) Roshan Bheela in District Kasur [View/Download]
209 TEVTA/MP/1-2 10-12-2014 Criteria / Guidelines for Change of Nomenclature of TEVTA Institutions [View/Download]
208 TEVTA/BUD/BE/3-1/2014-15 10-12-2014 Policy for Re-Appropriation and Utilization of TEVTA Funds [View/Download]
207 TEVTA/MP/2-112 10-12-2014 Evaluation Committee for Development Projects [View/Download]
206 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/Sports/73/893 21.11.2014 Participation the students of GTTI's in PBTE Sports. [View/Download]
205 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/1295 31.10.2014 SOP for utilization of TEVTA's grounds located all over Punjab. [View/Download]
204 TEVTA/Bud/PSIC/Abs./2014-15 22.10.2014 Absorption of PSIC Employees [View/Download]
203 F.7-32/IBCC/CCDTE/2735-80 09.09.2014 Matric (SSC Vocational) - Equivalent to Secondary School Certificate (SSC) [View/Download]
202 TEVTA/CUR/6-245/Vol-III 04.09.2014 DAE Electronics Course Reviewed and Approved by NAVTTC and Adopted by TEVTA (2014-15) [View/Download]
201 TEVTA/GM(O-II)/ISO/9001/298/553 26.08.2014 Review Committee for ISO TEVTA Project. [View/Download]
200 TEVTA/DGM(O)/2-144/1034 22.08.2014 Enhancmenent of 25% capacity and enrollment in TEVTA institutions. [View/Download]
199 TEVTA/AA/OM-09/14 23.07.2014 Academic Calendars of DAE & DDM, G-II & G-III Levels (M&E), One Year Semester Based Programs, DVTT, DVTD and AT. [View/Download]
198 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2014/421 10.07.2014 Fee Structure of TEVTA Institutes (2014-15) [View/Download]
197 TEVTA/CUR/6-245/Vol-III 19.06.2014 DAE Courses Reviewed and Approved by NAVTTC and Adopted by TEVTA (2014-15) [View/Download]
196 TEVTA/DGM(O)/2-81/875 12.06.2014 Committee for Auction of store / articles etc. of all ZM/DM Offices. [View/Download]
195 TEVTA/Bud/SCA/2013-14 06.06.2014 Committee for equivalency status of MS/MS Engineering. [View/Download]
194 TEVTA/GM (O-II)/26-1/377 22.05.2014 Summer Vacation in TEVTA Institutions. [View/Download]
193 TEVTA/Bud/Ad-hoc/2013 03.04.2014 Grant of 10% Ad-hoc Relief Allowance-2013 for TEVTA and PSIC Employees. [View/Download]
192 TEVTA/GM(Ops)/2nd Shift/2-23/659 01.04.2014 Revised Policy for Second Shift
Amendments in TEVTA/GM(O)/2ndShift/242/1838, dated 22.09.2012.
191 TEVTA/Admin/20-30/2014 25.02.2014 Verification of Degrees/Certificates from Higher Education Commission (HEC) [View/Download]
190 TEVTA/PPRA 2014/GM(F)/2014 24.02.2014 Punjab Procurement Rules (2014)
(Amended) vide No.S.O(Cabinet-I)2-9/2015 above.
189 TEVTA/Bud/3-110/2009-10/118 21.02.2014 TA/DA & Refreshment rates for players of TEVTA institutions
In Suppersession of Notification Even No. dated 25.02.2010
188 TEVTA/Dir(HR)/Notifications/2014 20.02.2014 Special Compensation Allowance for Professional Qualification Holders
Partial Modification of TEVTA/Bud/Spe.Comp/2010/626, dated 10.03.2010
In pursuance of approval of Chief Minister Punjab, dated 10.03.2010.
187 TEVTA/GM(O)/2014 18.02.2014 Committee regarding Induction of Teaching Staff [View/Download]
186 TEVTA/Admn/9-44/544 14.02.2014 Fee Waiver for Children of TEVTA Employees
In continuation of TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2724, dated 16.12.2009.
185 TEVTA/Ops/CA/TIKA/2014/1 03.02.2014 Committee for execution of TIKA [View/Download]
184 TEVTA/AT/GPATI/132/2013 30.01.2014 Implementation of GPATI programme in Punjab [View/Download]
183 TEVTA/BUD/3-2/2012-13 29.01.2014 Pre-Qualified Companies for Health Insurance of TEVTA Employees
182 TEVTA/Ops./Dev.Scheme/2013-14/464 08.01.2014 Steering Committee to oversee the purchase process of machinery & equipment (Revenue Component) [View/Download]
181 TEVTA/Ops-II/11-12/01 31.12.2013 Admission Policy for GCTs - Age Relaxation.
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/GM(O)/12-12/1368, dated 24.07.2012
180 TEVTA/MP/2-6 (2013-14) 31.10.2013 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Annual & Special Repair (AR/SR). [View/Download]
179 E&A(IC&ID)3-4/2013 07.10.2013 Grant of Ph.D/D.Sc. and M.Phil. Allowance [View/Download]
178 TEVTA/CUR/6-49/Vol-V 03.10.2013 Approval of Curricula for New Media, Print Journalism, Radio Journalism and Television Journalism. [View/Download]
177 TEVTA/Estb/1-11/Pt-V 24.09.2013 Disciplinary Proceedings against Civil Servants on Account of Unauthorized Absence from Duty - Treatment of Absence Period [View/Download]
176 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2013/381 20.09.2013 Fee Structure of Govt. Colleges of Technology for Women (2013-14) [View/Download]
175 TEVTA/Ops-1/188 06.09.2013 Visit SOPs - Principals / Teachers & Other Staff [View/Download]
174 TEVTA/F.Audit/Internal Audit/2013/3-28 30.08.2013 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Internal Audit. [View/Download]
173 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2013/381 19.08.2013 Fee Structure of TEVTA Institutes (2013-14) [View/Download]
172 TEVTA/GM(Ops)/26/909 30.05.2013 Summer Vacations (2013) in TEVTA institutions. [View/Download]
171 TEVTA/GM(O)/206/730 29.04.2013 SOP Regarding Dengue Eradication [View/Download]
170 TEVTA/MIA/1-13/2013 24.04.2013 Technical Specifications of different categories of UPS for the period 1st April 2013 to 30th June, 2014. [View/Download]
169 TEVTA/Admn/10-11 12.04.2013 Five days working week in Punjab [View/Download]
168 TEVTA/Bud/Ad-hoc/2012/1454/ 12.03.2013 Grant of 20% Ad-hoc Relief Allowance-2012 for TEVTA and PSIC Employees. [View/Download]
167 TEVTA/Regularization/2013 08.03.2013 Promotion Policy for TEVTA Employees. [View/Download]
166 TEVTA/Bud/1043 06.03.2013 Benchmark for Staff Strength of various streams of TEVTA. [View/Download]
165 TEVTA/DGM(O)/RPL/28/ 20.02.2013 TEVTA RPL Certification System. [View/Download]
164 TEVTA/Admn/20-01 18.02.2013 Display of facilitation procedures at prominent places in all Government Offices. [View/Download]
163 TEVTA/T.T (MGT)-26/1/107 11.2012 SOP for Foreign Trainings
(In Supersession of notification even no. dated 04.08.2006)
162 TEVTA/Deni Madaris/84-2009 01.01.2013 Vocational Training in Deni Madaris [View/Download]
161 TEVTA/Admin/Acad./2012 29.11.2012 Allocation of Responsibilities (Donors / International Agencies) [View/Download]
160 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2085 01.11.2012 The reserved Admission Quota for disabled persons. [View/Download]
159 TEVTA/Secretariat/TPT/Staff-2 -- Instructions for Drivers at TEVTA Secretariat, Lahore [View/Download]
158 TEVTA/LEG-GEN/6-11 08.10.2012 Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules 1974 (Amendment) [View/Download]
157 TEVTA/GM(F&A)F.Powers/2012/567 22.09.2012 Delegation of Administrative and Financial Powers - 2012 [View/Download]
156 TEVTA/GM(O)/2ndShift/242/1838 22.09.2012 Policy for Second Shift [View/Download]
155 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/562 18.09.2012 Decentralization of Procurement of I.T. Equipment [View/Download]
154 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/561 18.09.2012 Decentralization of Tender Advertisement [View/Download]
153 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/560 18.09.2012 Re-designation of the Post of Assistant Manager (Commerce & Vocational) and Assistant Manager (Technical) [View/Download]
152 TEVTA/GM(O)/36/1672 31.07.2012 Transfer of Commerce Education Institutions from TEVTA to Higher Education Department, Govt. of the Punjab. [View/Download]
151 TEVTA/GM(O)/12-12/1368 24.07.2012 Admission Policy for GCTs - (2012-13) [View/Download]
149 TEVTA/MP/4-91 11.06.2012 Payment of Revenue Component of Development Schemes [View/Download]
148 TEVTA/Admin/Acad./2012 08.06.2012 Powers on Constitution of committees on the issues like Curriculum Development. [View/Download]
147 TEVTA/GM(O)/NAB/CBS/172/857 25.05.2012 Constitution of Character Building Societies in GCTs/GCCs/GICs/GTTIs. [View/Download]
146 TEVTA/GM(O)/Notification/34/631 24.04.2012 Clarification - Fee Waiver for Children of TEVTA Employees
Ref. Notification No.TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2724, dated 16.12.2009 AND
Ref. Notification No.TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2989, dated 12.11.2010
145 TEVTA/Admn/20-09 03.04.2012 Policy on Transfer / Posting
In Continuationof TEVTA/Admn/2012, dated 26.03.2012
144 TEVTA/Admn/2012 26.03.2012 Powers of Posting and Transfers. [View/Download]
143 TEVTA/GM(O)/M-V/28/372 28.02.2012 Admissions in DVG. [View/Download]
142 TEVTA/CH/3-381 24.02.2012 Administrative arrangements are made with immediate effect. [View/Download]
141 TEVTA/Deeni Madaris/94-2010 20.02.2012 Guidelines for Long Term Rehabilitation Program. [View/Download]
140 TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2012/9860 03.02.2012 Procurement Committees - Field Offices/Institutions
In Continuationof TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2010-11/4946, dated 19.05.2011
139 TEVTA/Fin/G.Ins/TEVTA/2012 12.01.2012 Group Life Insurance Scheme of TEVTA Employees. [View/Download]
138 TEVTA/Fin/Health/TEVTA/2012 12.01.2012 Health Insurance Scheme of TEVTA Employees. [View/Download]
137 TEVTA/ST-05/1-1 11.01.2012 Partial modifications in the bifurcation/identification of posts bearing Notification No.TEVTA/ESTB/1-334/P-1 dated 26.07.2010. [View/Download]
136 TEVTA/Bud/42-GTTCs/2011-12 15.12.2011 Transfer of scheme titled "Establishment of 42 Govt. Technical Training Centers (Male & Female) in Rented Buildirigs in Uncovered Tehsils of Punjab" from development side to non-development side.
135 TEVTA/CUR/6-49/Vol-V 27.12.2011 Approval for the implementation of revised curricula (3rd Year Only).
Ref. Notification No.TEVTA/CUR/6-49/Vol-V dated 21.07.2010
134 TEVTA/GM(O)/40/2984 23.12.2011 Consolidated advertisements shall be published in newspapers by TEVTA Secretariat. [View/Download]
133 TEVTA/Bud/Ad-hoc/2011 01.12.2011 Grant of 15% Ad-hoc Relief Allowance-2011 for TEVTA and PSIC Employees. [View/Download]
132 TEVTA/Admn/20-66 01.12.2011 Committee to look after the affairs of Foreign Trainings. [View/Download]
131 TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/9-11/2828 21.11.2011 Admission against quota seats reserved for Azad Jammu & Kashmir nominees.
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/9-11/2200, dated 11.10.2011
130 TEVTA/BUD/C&G/2011 23.11.2011 Remuneration to the teaching & non-teaching staff of the institutions offering City & Guild program. [View/Download]
129 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2011/1317 05.11.2011 Fee Structure for DAE Critical Health Care Technology, GCT Taxila. [View/Download]
128 TEVTA/Admn/20-66 05.11.2011 Processing Fee for recruitements in TEVTA. [View/Download]
127 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/2011-12/8313 03.11.2011 Director (Apprenticeship) to exercise the Financial and Administrative Powers of Manager (Apprenticeship) as in Notification No.TEVTA/GM(F&A)/F.Powers/2011 dated 08.06.2011. [View/Download]
126 TEVTA/ST-05/1-1 02.11.2011 Partial modifications in the bifurcation/identification of posts bearing Notification No.TEVTA/ESTB/1-334/P-1 dated 26.07.2010. [View/Download]
125 TEVTA/Bud/1028 29.10.2011 Deposit of Tuition and Admission Fee in " Central TEVTA Fee Collection Account No. CPA-4790-3" . [View/Download]
124 TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2011/8174 25.10.2011 Procurement Committees
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2010-11/4946, dated 19.05.2011
123 TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11 14.10.2011 Withdrawal of Powers of Transfers of employees from ZMs and DMs.
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11, dated 19.05.2011
122 TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/9-11/2200 11.10.2011 All vacant quota seats to be filled on open merit, out of already received applications.
(Amended)- (See TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/9-11/2828 above.)
121 TEVTA/GM(O)/Age-Rel/14/2199 11.10.2011 Relaxation in upper age limit for admission in TEVTA institutions. [View/Download]
120 TEVTA/GM(O)/82/2560 27.09.2011 Working hours for all TEVTA institutions.
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/GM(O)/82/2346
119 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2516 23.09.2011 Readymade Garments Training Centre (RMGTC), Rawalpindi as Govt. Institute of HVACR , Rawalpindi. [View/Download]
118 TEVTA/GM(O)/82/2346 22.08.2011 Discontinuation of Regular 2nd Shift (R-2) Classes at TEVTA Institutions.
(Amended)- (See TEVTA/GM(O)/82/2560 above.)
117 TEVTA/Deeni Madaris/94-2010 18.07.2011 Long Term Rehabilitation Program.
116 TEVTA/Bud/928 25.07.2011 Ban on Creation of New Non-Teaching Posts (Support Staff). [View/Download]
115 TEVTA/Trg/Misc/Ped/94/2832 14.07.2011 Responsibilities/Instructions for "Venue Principal". [View/Download]
114 TEVTA/Trg/Misc/Ped/94/2831 14.07.2011 Responsibilities/Instructions for "Training Coordinator". [View/Download]
113 TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2011/7215 08.07.2011 Procurement Committees (Standing Purchase Committee - for central purchase)
Partial Modificationof TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2010-11/4946, dated 19.05.2011
112 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/Short Courses/2008/6857 08.07.2011 TEVTA Short Courses
Amendmentin TEVTA/Fin/Short Courses/2008, dated 02.09.08
111 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2011/7053 12.07.2011 Revised Fee Structure of TEVTA Institutions. [View/Download]
110 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2011/7053
28.06.2011 Fee Structure of TEVTA Institutions. [View/Download]
109 TEVTA/Fin/Rented Building/2011/6041 22.06.2011 Policy / Guidelines Regarding Shifting of Rented Buildings in TEVTA [View/Download]
108 TEVTA/Bud/Up_Gradartion/2010-11 10.06.2011 Ban on Up-Gradation of Posts [View/Download]
107 TEVTA/GM(O)/Posting(Technical)/46/1647 31.05.2011 Promotion Orders - BS-18 (Technical Stream) [View/Download]
106 TEVTA/Stock Tacking/2010-11/5667 09.06.2011 Physical Verification of Fixed Assets, Stores, Stocks, Cash in Hand etc. as on June 30th 2011 [View/Download]
105 TEVTA/GM(F&A)F.Powers/2011 08.06.2011 Delegation of Administrative and Financial Powers - 2011 [View/Download]
104 TEVTA/GM(M&E)/IT Courses/2011 07.06.2011
Information Technology Certification Courses [View/Download]
103 TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2011/4946 19.05.2011 Procurement Committees: Field Offices, Institutions, Head Office Purchase Committee, Standing Purchase Committee (for central purchase only), Civil Works and AR / SR Committee, etc.
(Amended)- TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2011/8174, dated 25.10.2011
102 TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11 19.05.2011 Delegation of powers for Transfer Delegation of powers for Transfer of Employees.
(Amended)- TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11, dated 14.10.2011
101 TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11 19.05.2011 Delegation of powers for issuance of NOC to apply for job outside TEVTA and NOC to seek admission for studies. [View/Download]
100 TEVTA/Bud/Transfer-Posting/2010-11 19.05.2011 Delegation of powers for sanction of leaves. [View/Download]
99 TEVTA/Finance/Pupil Fund/2008/5011 13.05.2011 Pupil Funds Management
Amendmentin TEVTA/Finance/Pupil Fund/2008/2360
98 TEVTA/Bud/2010-11/861 09.05.2011 Release of Salary Budget (non-development) for 15 ADP Schemes. [View/Download]
97 SO(ENQ)1-102/2010 03.05.2011 Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Rules 2011 [View/Download]
96 TEVTA/Trg./DEV/12/1849 10.02.2011 Fee structure of the Master Craftsman Training Scheme / Short Courses. [View/Download]
95 TEVTA/Trg./Mgt/124 25.11.2010 Remuneration of Master Trainers/Resource Persons. [View/Download]
94 --- 21.03.2011 All Government Technical Training Institutes are hereby notified to impart Apprenticeship Training to industrial apprentices. [View/Download]
93 TEVTA/Bud/Service/2010-11 20.01.2011 TEVTA Employees Service Regulations. [View/Download]
92 TEVTA/Bud/3-110/2010-11 09.12.2010 Revised daily wages rate of employees (BS-01 to BS-05), employed in TEVTA institutions on daily wages, with effect from 22-11-2010 [View/Download]
91 TEVTA/GM(O)/Notification/34/3193 11.12.2010 Start of Matric Vocational courses in only following Govt. Vocational Training Institutions (GVTIs). [View/Download]
90 TEVTA/Fin/P-Committee/2010-11/6036
21.09.2010 Procurement Committees
(i) Field Offices / Institutions
(ii) Institutions (Procurement up to Rs.200,000/-)
(iii) Head Office
(iv) Standing Committee (for central purchase only)
(v) Civil Works and AR / SR Committee, etc.
89 TEVTA/Bud/2010/672 21.04.2010 Limit for quotations method of Procurement for TEVTA Secretariat is hereby enhanced. [View/Download]
88 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/3030 24.11.2010 Change of Nomenclature of GPIs / GITs into GCTs [View/Download]
87 MD.PPRA/2-2/2010 22.11.2010 Media Coverage of All Open Auction/Bidding Process in the Punjab [View/Download]
86 TEVTA/GM(O)/4/2182 23.08.2010 Implementation of Matric Vocational in GVTIs. [View/Download]
85 TEVTA/LEG-GEN/5-10 09.08.2010 The position of Secretary, TEVTA ceases to exists. [View/Download]
84 TEVTA/AT-5(1) 03.08.2010 Manager (Apprenticeship Training) is hereby declared as "Competent Authority" until further orders. [View/Download]
83 TEVTA/CUR/6-49/Vol-V 21.07.2010 Approval of the revised / newly developed curricula for implementation in TEVTA Colleges / Institutions. [View/Download]
82 PAP-Lagis-2(44)/2010/255 20.07.2010 Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority Act 2010 [View/Download]
81 TEVTA/GM(O)/4/80 19.07.2010 Policy Regarding Fixing Duration of Short Courses As Six (06) Months [View/Download]
80 TEVTA/Bud/Ad-hoc/2010/775 19.07.2010 Grant of Ad-hoc Allowance - 2010 @ 50% of Existing Basic Pay and Medical Allowance [View/Download]
79 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/1461 09.06.2010 Policy for Optimal Utilization of Magazine Funds [View/Download]
78 TEVTA/MIS/80-3 15.06.2010 Uploading Advertisement for Procurement on PPRA Website. [View/Download]
77 TEVTA/GM(O)/Minor/79/1430 03.06.2010 Policy Instructions for Admission of Minorities. [View/Download]
76 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/1445 07.06.2010 Every district manager shall submit a comprehensive report on monthly basis on all operational issues... [View/Download]
75 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/1444 07.06.2010 All recruitments (BS-1 to BS-4) are stopped for the induction of security guards, chowkidars and sweepers. [View/Download]
74 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/1443 07.06.2010 Conversion of HOD's offices into faculty rooms. [View/Download]
73 TEVTA/Bud/699 28.05.2010 Rounding of Percentage Marks. [View/Download]
72 SO(W-I)S&GAD.Misc./Elec./2010 26.04.2010 Strategy to Conserve Electricity in The Punjab. [View/Download]
71 TEVTA/Bud/Spe.Comp/2010/626 10.03.2010 Special Compensation Allowance for Professional Qualification Holders. [View/Download]
70 TEVTA/GM(O)/Vacations/26/453 16.02.2010 Winter Vacations in the mentioned TEVTA institutions at Murree are hereby extended up to 06/03/2010. [View/Download]
69 TEVTA/GM(O)/R-2/82/203 26.01.2010 Mentioned Institutions are allowed to start Regular 2nd Shift in the courses mentioned against each. [View/Download]
68 TEVTA/F&A/1-10 22.01.2010 Partial Modification of Notification (dated 19-12-2009), Qualification and Experience for Posts. [View/Download]
67 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/68 07.01.2010 Policy for Handling of Chief Minister's Directives Pertaining to Establishment of Institutes. [View/Download]
66 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2895 01.01.2010 Transfer of Administrative Control of Apprenticeship Centers/RDATs to Operations Wing. [View/Download]
65 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2893 31.12.2009 Constitution of Evaluation Committees for Revision of Tenders [View/Download]
64 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2867 24.12.2009 Policy for Processing SNE (ADP Schemes) [View/Download]
63 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2847 24.12.2009 Collaboration with Other Private/Foreign Agencies/Organizations/Federal Offices. [View/Download]
62 TEVTA/Fin/B&A/1796 11.11.2009 Deduction of Advance Tax at The Time of Sale By Auction. [View/Download]
61 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2724 16.12.2009 Fee Waiver for Children of TEVTA Employees. [View/Download]
60 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2701 12.12.2009 Non-Transferable and Station Specific Appointments. [View/Download]
59 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2693 09.12.2009 Guidelines to be Observed in Recruitment [View/Download]
58 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2654 08.12.2009 Policy Regarding Issuance of NOCs for Start of Courses [View/Download]
57 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2611 04.12.2009 Institutions are set up & established in rented buildings. [View/Download]
56 TEVTA/GM(O)/34/2612 03.12.2009 Policy Regarding MOUs with Other Departments / Agencies [View/Download]
55 Finance & Administration 03.12.2009 Revised Policy Regarding Regular (R2) 2nd Shift. [View/Download]
54 TEVTA/GM(O)/34 26.11.2009 Visit of Secretariat & Unnecessary Correspondence. [View/Download]
53 TEVTA/ST/Operations/2255 04.11.2009 Posting of M.COM/M.B.A Principals in the Commerce Colleges of TEVTA in the Punjab. [View/Download]
52 TEVTA/ZM/(C)/8-1/08/2352 30.10.2009 Delegate powers to Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore for grant of relaxation in upper age limit to the students of that private institutes. [View/Download]
51 TEVTA/GM(Ops)/Notification-34/2009 26.10.2009 Security Arrangements of Public / Private Technical/Vocational/Commerce Institutions [View/Download]
50 TEVTA/Admin/20-11/2009 06.10.2009 Correspondence with TEVTA [View/Download]
49 TEVTA/GM(O)/DAE/4-09/2010 06.10.2009 03 Years Relaxation in age for NWFP Students for Admission in DAE Courses at GCT's, GPI's, GIT & SPIT for the Year 2009-10 [View/Download]
48 TEVTA/Fin/Short Courses/2009 05.10.2009 TEVTA Short Courses (Amendments) [View/Download]
47 TEVTA/GM(O/SOP/Noti/Cir/18/1970 28.09.2009 Cancelation of 03 Years Relaxation in age up to 21 Years for Admission in DAE Regular 2nd Shift Courses at GPI's & GIT/SPIT for the Year 2009-10 [View/Download]
46 TEVTA/GM(O/SOP/Noti/Cir/18/1959 25.09.2009 03 Years Relaxation in age up to 21 Years for Admission in DAE Regular 2nd Shift Courses at GPI's & GIT/SPIT for the Year 2009-10 [View/Download]
45 TEVTA/PS/Sec/Reg.Second Shift/09 26.09.2009 Admission of Regular Second Shift Classes in TEVTA Institutions on Merit Basis in Lieu of Self Finance (Non-Subsidized) Classes [View/Download]
44 TEVTA/CP/108 16.09.2009 TEVTA Foundation [View/Download]
43 TEVTA/GM(Ops)/34/1824 08.09.2009 03 Years Age Relaxation to Disable Persons for Admissions in DAE Courses in GCTs/GPIs [View/Download]
42 TEVTA/GM(Ops)/ADP/10/1821 07.09.2009 Incorporation of Photographs of Machinery/Equipment in PC-Is [View/Download]
41 -- 30.05.2009 Service Regulations 2009 for TEVTA Employees [View/Download]
40 TEVTA/Fin/a.Ass/2009/3845 28.04.2009 Financial Assistance to the Families of TEVTA Contract Employees [View/Download]
39 TEVTA/Bud/3-110/2008-2009 13.03.2009 Part Time Rates for Part Time Employees / Emoluments [View/Download]
38 TEVTA/Fin/Dewali&Christmas Pack/2008 23.12.2008 One Time Special Dewali/Christmas Package [View/Download]
37 TEVTA/Finance/Pupil Fund/2008/2360 17.12.2008 Pupil Funds Management [View/Download]
36 TEVTA/ZMs/53/2618 15.12.2008 Transfer of TEVTA Employees [View/Download]
35 TEVTA/CH/2-3/08 12.12.2008 Transfer Posting of all Teaching/Non-Teaching Staff [View/Download]
34 TEVTA/F.Audit/2-2/2008 25.10.2008 Delegate the Financial Powers of Regularization of Expenditures, ex-post facto Sanction of Expenses [View/Download]
33 TEVTA/Fin/Short Courses/2008
02.09.2008 TEVTA Short Courses
32 TEVTA/F&A/08 23.08.2008 Introduction of Hosiery Knitting Training Centre Products in All TEVTA Institutions of Punjab [View/Download]
31 TEVTA/GM(F&A)/08 06.08.2008 Project Management [View/Download]
30 TEVTA/fin/upg/20th/0708/2217 06.05.2008 Up-gradation of the post of junior instructors (Working as TEVTA contract employees) in commerce stream. [View/Download]
29 TEVTA/Estt./3-312 12.01.2008 Fixation of monthly salary of contingent paid instructional staff belonging to the institutions of ABAD [View/Download]
28 Finance & Admin Wing TEVTA Secretariat 03.11.2007 FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES [View/Download]
27 TEVTA/Fin/D.All/2007/1283 24.10.2007 15% DEARNESS ALLOWANCE 2006 OF TEVTA CONTRACT EMPLOYEES [View/Download]
26 TEVTA/Finance/4-67/2007 23.10.2007 SELF-FINANCE SCHEME - 2007 [View/Download]
25 TEVTA/Fin/Fee/2007/1131
18.09.2007 Revised Fee Structure Of  TEVTA Institutes. [View/Download]
24 TEVTA/Fin/Jobs/ 17.09.2007 Notification Procedure for disposal of student. [View/Download]
23 TEVTA/Fin/Pupil funds/P-10/2007/1104 13.09.2007 Procedure For Re-Appropriation Of Pupil Funds. [View/Download]
22 No. TEVTA/Cur/6-288. 10.09.2007 Notification Regarding TSCS. [View/Download]
21 TEVTA/CP/65/2007 29.08.2007 TEVTA Notification approval for grant of BS-17 (as per TEVTA pay scales) to all the librarians (BS-16). [View/Download]
20 TEVTA/Fin/Sp.All/200/1049 15.08.2007 TEVTA Notification 15% Special Allowance 2007 of TEVTA Contract Employees [View/Download]
19 TEVTA/Fin/TSTP/DeeniMadaris/1-7 06.08.2007 TEVTA Notification "TEVTA Special Training Program in Deeni-Madaris" [View/Download]
18 TEVTA/Fin/CB/2007/926 06.08.2007 TEVTA Circular "Maintenance of CASH Books at Institute Level" [View/Download]
17 TEVTA/Fin/Fee.2007
04.08.2007 Fee Structure for TEVTA Institutes [View/Download]
16 TEVTA/Fin/Salary/2007/842 23.07.2007 Circular for "THE PROCEDURE FOR RECRUITMENT AGAINST VACANT/NEWLY CREATED POSTS" [View/Download]
15 TEVTA/F&A/4-67 11.07.2007 TEVTA Notification "Amendment In Self-Finance Circular Regarding Purchase Of Transport etc." [View/Download]
14 TEVTA/ACC/policy/1-7 13.04.2007 TEVTA Notification "Revised Accounting Policies of TEVTA" (13/04/2007) [View/Download]
13 TEVTA/GM(F&A)F.Powers/2007 04.04.2007 TEVTA Notification "Delegation of Financial Powers" (04/04/2007) [View/Download]
12 TEVTA/Fin/Pay/1-107 14.03.2007 TEVTA Notification "Revised Pay Scales of TEVTA employees" (14/03/2007) [View/Download]
11 TEVTA/ACC/Policy/1-7 27.02.2007 TEVTA Notification "Accounting Policies" (27/02/2007) [View/Download]
10 TEVTA/Fin/G.Ins/PSIC/2007/ 26.02.2007 Circular for "GROUP INSURANCE SCHEME OF EMPLOYEES TRANSFERRED FROM PSIC FOR THE PERIOD FROM 12.02.2007 TO 11.02.2008." [View/Download]
9 TEVTA/Fin/1-277/F.Powers 25.01.2007 TEVTA Notification "DELEGATION OF FINANCIAL POWERS" [View/Download]
8 TEVTA/GM(F&A)AR-SR/2006 2006 TEVTA Notification "AR/SR Works" [View/Download]
7 TEVTA/Fin/LP/1-6 01.08.2006 Circular for "LOAN POLICY." [View/Download]
5 TEVTA/F&A/1-10 22.04.2006 TEVTA Notification "RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE." [View/Download]
4 SO(T.II)21-16/98(P.III) 20.03.2002 TEVTA Notification "Special Institution" [View/Download]
2 SO(III)21-16/98(P.II) 01.07.2001 TEVTA Rules [View/Download]
1 Legis:3(XXIV)/99 07.06.1999 Govt. of The Punjab Notification "ORDINANCE" [View/Download]